Outstanding Meltdowns


Craft I hope.


Someone throw up the Kevin Keegan meltdown please.


FFS pal - even I had the decency not to put up Budd Dwyer. That’s a guy committing suicide. Not an “outstanding” meltdown. Very fucking disturbing, especially when you know the lead up to it.

Post reported.


Fuck it. We’ll do it live.



YES! Fantastic fucking meltdown by a total cunt!



+1. What sort of an odd cunt puts that up?


What’s wrong with his hand?


Different gravy.


Be rude not to include his ex wife




Sub titles please?


Sorry @Horsebox but this remains my favourite meltdown on here God love you.


Only bettered by the post from @carryharry over on boards.ie talking about legal advice for ‘his mate’.



That was a good one alright but it should be pointed out that the facehop had been revealed by then. To think that TASE is one of my best e-friends these days. Who would’ve thought it.


The mask slipped big time there alright - it’s a far cry from his hail fellow well met persona that he’s managed to keep up ever since!