Outstanding Meltdowns




I know the story well, they fought off a European army for 2 years - men, women and children defended the walls.


Is that when packet and tripe became a delicacy?


the father loved it. we’d be all aeting sausages on a Saturday morning but he’d always have the packet and tripe


We’re ye under siege 2?


no he just had a taste for it. he grew up in castle barracks & had very little back then. it became a little tradition for him of a Saturday morning.


@labane1917 and @caoimhaoin are the masters


Em, you ran off like a bitch for two months, taking the rest of your slow-witted, servile underlings with you.

Lily Livered Labane and the Ludicrous Lickspittles.

The only balls you have is the massive one you made of your “coup”. :grin:


Well, well, well…



What is the story with the ClareHurlers meltdown?

Thanks in advance.


Era he lost the rag after some lad nailed him regarding galway hurling. It was shocking.


Has he returned to bore the hole of him since?


I didn’t view that place since they made it a members only (gay) club.


Time to exit the closet harry, the preoccupation with homoerotic images and now gay sex is getting a bit obvious.


Poor @caoimhaoin




Shia LaBeouf’s latest effort

Hell of a drug that cocaine


Not to be sniffed at



The mask has finally slipped. :popcorn: