Paddy Jackson & Stuart Olding -treat women poorly


Ulster may as well let Bank of Ireland pick the fucking team from here on in.


Im not disagreeing with you at all. I think it was never the case they were going to play for Ulster again and have said as much for 12 months on here. Was no chance they were going to get into a legal row with the IRFU and drag on the whole thing. Shaky ground on employment law maybe but would be commercial suicide for IRFU to retain them. Suits all of them to part ways.


Ironic if “Paddy” Jackson goes to Exeter given that he was so reluctant to exit her.


Which part?


And by the way lads. Any one of you with a company phone who thinks there would be no consequences to exchanging this type of content and it ending up in the public domain is codding themselves.


You’d need full visibility of their contracts to establish this art in fairness. Id imagine the investigation was a few weeks of negotiation around how much they wanted to leave quietly and what the statement would look like


I wouldn’t bet on that yet. Article says contracts were revoked, not by mutual consent.


I dont see any chance they will bring this back into court and prolong it


Mbb said they breached the code of conduct which they clearly haven’t. And even if they breached their contract they could easily point to the leniency applied to others on the same central contract i.e. they didn’t get fair procedures.


I can remember when the IRFU were happy to be associated with Digital - they used to be sponsored by them.

Things have certainly turned turned full circle now.


Do most of the country think Jackson and Olding are rapists?


Amadan oriordan thought the same when he logged into Twitter a couple of weeks ago…


I’d say so, mate.


Well the only 12 people who’s opinion on this matters don’t think so


Statement by “Paddy”


You have no idea if there are additional clauses in their contract. Neither do i

As I said. I think regardless of how its presented this suits all of them. They only have 12 months left on contract. They could spend 6 months arguing about it with no gtee of success and write off next season as well


That’s not necessarily so at all. I’m surprised you’re showing such a fundamental misunderstanding of the criminal justice system.

It was 11, by the way.


Any lads not using Signal to send text messages from now on needs their head examined.


Disappointing news for the “top shaggers.”


Was there similar outrage at OJ Simpson losing his job on NBC’s NFL coverage despite being acquitted, I wonder?