People Kev knows


Who believe it or not played the " racism card " quite a lot.


That lot generally do.


He is some man.


People who played with Zebo who said he is an ass.


People who played with Zebo that he is an ass (now they could be generational issues)


Mental health experts who think the vast majority of shite spouted about mental health in recent years seems to be highly questionable.


Some teachers who say DEIS is a disaster, albeit a small number of them.


Someone who had knowledge of Donal Og leaving his Clare post 7 weeks ago, told Kev at the time and Kev is sure he mentioned it here some place at the time.


Anyone in the court system or cops or many other professionals.



You are just trying too hard to be part of the clib now


A near retirement vice principal who has spent a lifetime on the Northside. He is not anti Deis schools or anything, he just says not alot has changed.


A bunch of Tipp women that would be at the bar before me.


S&C coaches in Serie A.


Someone who is going out with a brother of Wayne O’Donoghue.


In-situ staff at Liverpool going Mental over Klopps training methods


All the teachers he has met in recent years who have told him that teachers do alot of riding of other teachers.


Some of whom have gone cuckoo from spending too much time with infants.


Educational psychologists that argue against extra work to any great deal



It’s great when you open this thread not knowing the context of the original conversation and come across a beaut like that


It’s a really enjoyable thread. One of the better ones.