People Kev knows


That beaut stands alone on its merits . The context is for another day .


The nurses thing is a myth, teachers far gamier.


A surgeon client who works in a fully private hospital and does 2 x20+ hour shifts a week. He’s probaly creaming it in but the conditions aren’t great.


teachers trying to get into s&c and visa versa.


Parents who advise their children not to kill themselves at the leaving cert, take time off, take a part time job, have some fun. Then go in a a mature student.




psychologists who work in educational sector Who say there is no evidence to support grinds or even homework whatsoever.


Keeping up with the Jones’ and dinner party respectability trumps psychologists surveys and science .


His next door neighbour a Kilmaley man who thinks they are ok but flaky enough


It looks like disappointment for the lad the other side of me tonight


A good number of people he went to school with for whom maths came easy enough, all 540 types. He’s not suggesting they did no work, they did, but nothing like what today’s kids did.


Eddie Jones and Richard Shuttleworth @farmerinthecity


Keith Davids, one of the fathers of Skill acquisition who Pep has taken quite a bit from and they have chatted


Cafe owners who are getting burnt by Polish girls


This thread will be a great reference point for kev when he’s writing his autobiography.


I hope whoever has to spell check it goes into it with their eyes wide open


“…and little did I know that this conversation would help me out of a hole in an unrelated argument some time later”


And every chapter will end with “Needless to say, I had the last laugh”


The index at the back will be forty two pages


What will he call it i wonder? “My journey through life… the evolution of a lateral thinking cork man” would be my preference.