People Kev knows




A coach who mived up from Cork to go into a “weak” GAA area


You’re leading them all a merry dance at this stage Kev, bravo.


His fathers home carer, a Tyrone man.


That fella can recognise the horrible backwardness of Tyrone. Living in Cork has opened his eyes to things he never thought possible


Some serious Ra men who are genuine people, great fathers, community driven, generous etc.
Yet they would support violence “if needed”


It’s not like Kev to spout shit any which way the wind blows


I’ve changed that a bit.




Can you read?

It amazes me how long some fellas wait to have a cut, and then they pull out something that clearly makes them look stupid.

I must say this thread is some laugh watching so many rattled lads sexretly seething away for years in cases :joy::joy::joy:


How does that make him look stupid


jaysus, I dont even want to know what sexretly seething entails!


He didn’t read it properly.
Not to mention 7 years ago


Naked photos lads be sending.

Weird i know. But whatever they are into


Lads who send naked photos.




Quite a few people who completely buck the trend of Irish men having some awful characteristics But they are the minority unfortunately



Possibly the best yet


Simon Zebo


A black lady he dated.