People Kev knows


‘accidental encounters’


a friend who works in the league who tipped him off that a club has two teams and said its common.


People involved in leagues and that club.


A top dog in Microsoft cyber security.


He lives in Ballincollig. Head of European operations or something along those lines.


Edit - head of digital scams


I was chatting with a few mates who work in Microsoft this morning. They had a good oul laugh at this rubbish. Poor aul Kev needs to get his head out of the clouds.


Or else stop being so gullible .


What exactly were they laughing at?


Everything you posted

  • You taking laptop advice from a head of digital scams or a top dog in Microsoft cyber security
  • The idea that someone in a job like that is based in Ireland
  • The idea that someone in a job like that would be living in Ballincollig
  • The idea that someone in a job like that would even admit that that’s what they do as it would be relatively protected given the sensitivity around it
  • Your general lack of understanding of what you were talking about
  • The level of derangement you showed when challenged on it

I think that was it but if I think of anything else I’ll post it up.


Very condescending @Mac


We need a condescension symbol


Thanks. I’m only the messenger though so can’t take full credit.


Here he is.

Bizarre in modern world you think someone couldn’t live in Ballincollig and be involved in cyber security.

With the old internet and all😂

And actually i have another client who is no.2 for cyber security in a big university.

Should he mive to San Fran to do his job?

You are a fucking gobshite.

Why would i have to know what i was talking about in relation to cyber security?

And no doubt you made up the the story


A screenshot from linkedin :rofl:

You’re more gullible than I thought

Strange you wouldn’t be connected to such a well known ‘client’ of yours too


Apple have their european HQ in Cork. Do you not think any senior staff are based there?


@caoimhaoin after giving @mac the mugging of his life here.


I would assume a chunk of them are mate. But we’re talking about Microsoft who are entirely different company


I know we are talking about a different company. Just not sure why you are scoffing at fact that a senior employee of a tech firm might be based in cork


Why would a security specialist be connected with his S&C coach?