People Kev knows


I’m only repeating what I was told by MSFT employees mate.


I hardly use LI. I googled him. Thats what came up.

You are an absolute gobshite with no grasp on 2017 whatsoever. You always pick the dumest shit to go after me with. I’d say you are a woeful decision maker.

Take your hammering and fuck off now.


Like always, when you’re proven wrong on something you resort to bluster and insults. It’s an admirable trait to be so stubborn and gullible in equal measures. I hope you apply a bit more cop on to how you run that business of yours as your sheer naievity will come back to haunt you.


Proven wrong?

That a client of my exists?

You will have to try harder mac.

You are a total fucking amateur at this


A few call centre lads


I’m not sure @mac can come back from this




It’s gone from head of cyber security to middle management


If he was gonna find a random linkedin profile you’d think he’d have found someone with a proper title at least


There’s few things more satisfying on the internet than logging onto TFK and seeing Kev giving one of the admins an awful hiding.


As if he had mates like.


I’ll glass you dolphin boy


giphy (3)


The head of Cyber Security EMEA for Dell lives in Limerick


How twee that you know this


Dell have an office in Limerick sure don’t they?


He fixes the cables for him


A woman capable of nearly cosmic sex.

Luckily for her Kev is no slouch in that department either, thanks to his uncles sex tips.


So you are slagging off Kev for mentioning people that he knows by mentioning people that you know?



a lovely start to the week seeing that little bollicks @mac getting humiliated after sticking his dirty big snout into something that didnt concern him