People Kev knows


he has them driven demented


They are hopping mad… I must say, I find this thread extremely tedious.


Women who don’t like and simply don’t do blow jobs, and are usually still single.


:joy: where was this? Where did he find this out?


Rape trial thread


Naturally. An appropriate thread to post a comment like that.


& women who go from zero to hysterical faster than you can put your money down at a Tyrone dog fight


I wouldn’t mind but that’s actually a perfect description of @caoimhaoin himself.


Jesus, he is in your head.


I think you’ll find Kevin is the poster who went to the length of starting a childish thread to allege I was mentally ill.

It was an incredible cry for help on his part, an embarrassing admittance of what sort of a state I’ve progressively worked him up into, and a tremendous validation for myself.

When somebody does something like that you know they’re on their knees.


You think you’ve got @caoimhaoin on his knees? :rofl: He’s been battering you around like a red headed stepchild for months now, and all in his spare few minutes while you’ve been devoting most of your life to the squabbles here.


That’s as nasty a post as you’ll see from the forum’s best dad. It’s actually quite mean-spirited. I’m disappointed in you @backietackie.


Someone must have dirtied Mary Poppin’s favourite apron.


Good one :+1:

Kevs not the only one in yere heads if that’s the standard of put down that’s being produced, :grin:


Rarely, if ever, has there been a more self-humiliating post on this forum than what you’ve just posted.

You’re a doormat.


I expected better when I saw you were hammering away at the keys,
Have you had a productive day? Beaten anybody at the INTERNET? No I didn’t think so, but you wrote a shitty new song :grinning:


Deary me. Do try and stop humiliating yourself attempting to defend somebody who has made an e-career out of humiliating themselves.

It’s even more pathetic than Kev.


Kev must get some amount of spare minutes considering he’s been able to keep up with every day of a rape trial for the last month or so


It’s comforting to know you’re watching him closely.


Kev is a successful man in his field, there wouldn’t be a huge amount for work for him during office hours.
@Sidney is pretty much a waste of space