People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321


Been putting together one of these spiro seesaws for half the day (spins around as well as up and down)… It took that long as the little shits kept running off with stuff. Assembled it and one rubber black stop for under one seat is missing… I interrogated both Gestapo style - neither break. I tear the house apart twice, have a row with the mrs and am tempted to stick my fingers down the dog’s throat to make him puke up the contents of his stomach… Then while looking at the seesaw it dawns on me where it is. Disassemble and sure enough, the little bastards had shoved it inside the main frame of the seesaw and I’ve to get a hanger now and shove it out after my coffee. They’ve won this battle, the war rages on.


@Bandage has been mugged off, good and proper.


It puts @Locke in the shade



Purchased the fight through my Sky Q box. Am away from home tonight so just went to tune via sky go.

Sky go doesnt show box office channels seemingly.

I’m off to the seething thread :rage:


Mugged off on Simon Harris earlier. Mugged off also on the price of taps. Paid well north of 150e for a tap for the kitchen. Fucking outrageous!

Thank fuck I’ve picked up a freebie ticket for the europa league final.


Are you bringing the tap to the match? You could impress the Bayer Leverkusen supporters by telling them it’s a symbol of support for their team because a tap is a type of lever (kusen).