People who have lost or gained a serious amount of Weight

It would be underactive thyroid in any case afaik.

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You can make porridge in 2 mins and 10 seconds.
Oats, milk, water and 2mins 10 in the microwave.
Bit of natural Greek yoghurt and a teaspoon of jam.
I put a bit of creatine in as well if I’ve been training.

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I use honey and raisins.

Little drizzle of honey and a few blueberries here. That’s the great thing about porridge. You can fire anything in.

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Is that weetabix or the Aldi version?
Last week as a result of this thread I thought I’d try it. Used to eat it 35 years ago. Anyhow, from memory 4 bix was a fair feed once upon a time. However 4 of the Aldi bix can be hoovered up pretty easily with a bit of honey.

4 is no problem, plenty of milk and leave for at least 30 minutes

I’ll have to buy the real thing and compare

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Craig Burley

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Worlds fucked. Fat people offended


Razors an alright sort


Ozempic is some job


he used to be some unit

I had a piss beside razor one night in Lillie’s Bordello back on a Wednesday night.

Both into separate urinals.

He was very drunk and not in a good way.

He was with Crystal Palace at the time and probably phoning it in a bit.

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Verona Murphy. Doesn’t suit her

He has some great stories in any interview i see of him

Oh I think she’s looking well. Met her during the summer. She has got a presence.

Nah, she’s lost that filthy look about her