Post Recession Tiger Largesse and Excess


Snap @Mac


Merck, Sharp and Dohme you thick cunt.


Ah, the Schering Plough lads? Why didn't you say so. They laid off people a good while back too. Standard corporate multi-national posturing. They'll announce more jobs in a while once they get their IDA grant.


The dairy guys are the new developers lads...

Rural bank managers are fussing around them like they were a bitch in heat.


Or cut 200 full time jobs and but start to bring back "contractors" in their place.
A lot of it is optics.


Are lads betting the house on a massive boom once the quotas are abolished?


Time to apply for membership in Residence before it fills up lads. It's only €850 a year at the moment. That will double in early 2014.

Call the membership team TODAY


A lot of existing guys expanding. A lot of Beef guys switching to dairy. Quotas have been hindering the expansion of the industry and extra output is needed as the demand appears to be there.

But like everything else there will a certain over shoot and business plans are at the mercy of the global price of milk so some guys who haven't done their sums correctly will get burned.

Grass is the cheapest fuel when it comes to milk production and we have plenty of that.


they forgot they had a public bar licence and so legally if you rock up they have to let you in


Same way you legally have to be allowed into a nightclub?


If you're not a member you won't get all the benefits of membership such as:

  • access to mix and mingle with more than 1,200 members
  • complimentary high speed wifi internet access throughout
  • attractive partner affiliation scheme



How many nightclubs refuse you by saying "members only". Depends on licence but if public bar licence you cannot then say members only


Presumably they could charge an 850 euro admission fee though?


.is this nothing more than a place where the squire hunts the dowager?. ( i.e some alcoholic divorced oul one who's had more pricks than a rose bush and is getting passed round like currency by half the pub)..


It has to be open to the public. Law is usually substance over form so a court may not like it if they think admission fee of 850 euro means it is not genuinely open to the public come licence renewal time if somebody objects Residence may get nervous about losing their licence. It also affects IMRO And other music rights organisations.

I would guess most people in Residence are not paying members on any night.


[I]The Company has a leasehold interest in premises at 41 St. Stephen’s Green where it operates what is called a private member’s club. The club is called “The Residence”. It is not typical of the normal private member’s club in that its facilities at St. Stephen’s Green include a bar and nightclub which are open to members of the public.[/I]


Lets rock up there after we bash a few tag rugby heads in the 51 this Saturday...


Disagree. Pfizer are screwed. Two of their bestsellers, Lipitor and Viagra are off patent along with a few other drugs so are worth about a tenth of their original price now. They haven't discovered anything new in years. This is bad news for the country as Pfizer had paid something ridiculous like 10% of our corporation tax.


Not only do they lose the bluffers but they'll get themselves generous grants for those new repackaged jobs.


I mentioned as much only a few posts later