Premier League 2022/23

Emery seems to be doing a terrific job with Villa.


Late equaliser for the Ev. 2-2. If they hold on, that could be a massive point for the Dychey Army

Sean Dyche’s Toffees come from behind twice to draw 2-2 at Stamford Bridge.

I’d love for Spurs to have a General like Sean Dyche leading us into the trenches every week instead of Misery Guts Conte.

Big point for the Toffees. The relegation dogfight gets box officer and box officer (class).

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Auld Potter has no luck

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Bad week for Potters.

Arsenal are purring under Arteta

Who’s this Irish lad in charge of Palace?

He’s a great lad Zinny

Lee Dixon esq

He’s a top man

EFL but a grand out wet Tuesday night in Barnsley game Vs sheff weds into the last 5. Nice spiteful atmosphere.

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