Premier League 2022/23

Coach Klopp miracle aside and even pushing them close was some achievement the EPL is now a one horse race.

6 titles in 7 years for Abu Dhabi.

Liverpool and Chelsea got to two domestic finals last year. Chelsea had a fight to finish top 4. Liverpool fought for the league and got to the final of Champions Lesgue. Both had woeful seasons this year. 3 of the 4 who finished in the top 4 last year failed to do so this year. Teams that finished in top 4 this season will likely find it tough to finish top 4 next. City are the outlier. Very competitive outside them.

During Klopps tenure Liverpool tend to be about the 5th best team in the league

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This is the first time in 7 years they’ve finished outside the top 4.


His first full season without finishing top 4. The lack of spend finally coming home to roost.

I belive he spent more on his main striker than city did on theirs rhis season?

You’re very gullible if you believe the transfer fees City release to the public. There’s a reason they breached FFP rules at least 115 times. Haaland is also on about 850k a week.

He is getting hosed there, should be on far more.

Yeah, €140m this season was peanuts.


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It was actually 50m net Forest spent 190m, Southampton 140m, Bournemouth 90m. Utd 230m.

Net spend :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Leeds losing at home to Tottenham.


Kelleher worse than expected

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Leicester winning
Everton drawing
Leeds losing
Forest winning

Leicester staying up as things stand. Meanwhile Liverpool throw away a 2 goal lead to relegated Southampton

Goal Cark

Everton goal