Presidential Election 2018




Gallagher is thinking about it


He should never hold public office again.






Oh look guys another SF zealot


You establishment lackey.


Michael D has verged on the political on one too many occasion.

McAleese was Fianna Fáil but is still the gold standard. She didn’t start properly mouthing off until she left office which is fine.


McAlese is a great woman.


Met her recently for something. When meeting was over she jumped on the Luas to head home. Really impressive lady. Spoke about how sexism in Northern Ireland was more ingrained than sectarianism as Christianity was 2000 years old but the reformation only a few hundred years.


Very much hope Higgins get reelected. Had the good fortune to meet him in Vietnam and Ireland. Found him engaged and kind. He is very interested in Cambodia and its people and there is a chance he will visit here which would be a huge boost for Irish Aid partners in Cambodia.


her carry on when Lizzie Windsor blurted our the cupla focail was one of the most cringe inducing embarrassing moments in Oirish history


Only if you’re a horrible cunt.


do you have any forelock left mate?


Sinn Fein will contest the Presidential Election


@Mark_Renton for president.


Beside his fellow socialist Robinson? Did she sell the family house to us taxpayers yet?


President Paul Hewson. President Sir Bob Geldof. President Golm O’Gorman. President Panti Bliss. The list of sickeners is almost endless.


Fair play to them for that.

FG and FF letting him because he is a social media darling is not democracy.


A fucking farce that SF are the only ones willing to contest the election. I’ve no issue with MDH think he’s doing a fine job etc. but what kind of a fucking democracy has an uncontested presidential election. Even the Russians go through the motions