Presidential Election 2018


Tbh I think it is because the upside versus downside doesn’t make it worthwhile for the main parties anymore. 1990 was hugely damaging to Fianna Fáil’s pysche and Gay Mitchell in the last election for FG was a disaster. You’re going against a well liked guy who is unbeatable, who do you put up? For SF they have little to lose. McGuiness the last time served a great purpose for them in that he flushed out a lot of the anti SF IRA sentiment of the south on a national scale. Now they can run a no hoper candidate and get some credibility. If they are smart they won’t put up the likes of Adams.


I’m sure some feminazi will have a stab at it trying to rally the snowflake twitter cunts like Emma Higgins. Everyone is happy with mdh and hopefully he stays in. We’ve enough elections and distractions to be entertaining any new dopes


The snowflakes love MDH.

Candidates who could run against him couple attack;

  • his slobbering over the likes of Fidel Castro
    And/or his champagne socialism. He is the archetypal lefty who is interested in global affairs (much of his brand is built through being a stop the war/global poverty type). SF can run a far more effective character on local issues facing the working classes from a left wing perspective. He is an academic who writes poetry, he is basically the problem with the Labour Party at the moment on an actual important level.


You know the saying small jockey…


Mdh as a major plank of his election strategy promised that he would seek a single term only. The fact that he hasn’t the honour to stand behind this unequivocal statement makes him exactly the kind of lying politician who should not be allowed office, but perhaps he really is a reflection of the state.


Parties don’t want to spend money with a possible general election looming. Especially since they are unlikely to win


He is only listening to what the electorate are telling him, the people want him to stand for another term.


I hope you die screaming, he’s a waste of skin.


President Brian O Driscoll


What a nasty comment to make on a Sunday morning.


Enrique cleaning house here


He makes me want to vomit. A champagne socialist who hasn’t done a days graft in his life. I’d love to see him dig roads for a day, work in a fast food restraurant, be a special needs assistant. Type of prick sucking from the state all his life, then lectures to the working class on values and writes some shit poetry, attempting to sound profound. Look forward to him expiring.


Hes 75 years of age. Would you treat all elderly people the same?


Has he ever had a job? Not teaching.


No response?


Gil would worship a fella who lays about doing nothing


Huh? The question wasnt worth a response


Local elections coming up also and Sinn Fein have elections north and south. A big expense and a lot of effort… But as Tim says, we get to expend the brand.


Please. Stop this list instantly. It’ll only make for appalling reading. I’m only just getting over President Robinson.