Presidential Election 2018




I too would like to announce I will not be contesting the Presidential election.


Liam O Neill not standing for it anyway


He must have set up a committee to examine the feasibility of it


This is attracting some amount of Grand Old Dukes of York .


its hilarious that the big parties want to facilitate mickey p in breaking his pledge to only go for one term


Who are we expecting to be candidates?

I’d say Bibi Baskin would be hard beaten. But you could say the same about Noel C. Duggan, Jonathan Irwin, Christina Noble, Pat McDonagh, Cynthia Ni Mhurchu, Martin Donnelly, Liam Griffin, Theresa Lowe, Cathal O’Searcaigh, Angela Downey and Shane Lynch.

John Waters should go for it for the laugh - David Quinn says he’s a future president. The debates against Sinead O’Connor would be tremendous if they were both candidates. You could throw Panti Bliss into the mix too. And sure Quinn might as well throw his hat into the ring himself while he’s at it.


Suits them all.


aye, theyre all liars and pledge breakers


His history in direct provision would come under serious scrutiny.



I’ll end up having to vote for Mickey D the way this is going


I’m sorry this establishment stooge isn’t running just to see him be humiliated.

Panti Bliss would fucking win it.


Considering that the other dragon nearly won it last time this Duffy fella could be a real contender, he’s quite a personable sort


Based on nothing at all I’m going to speculate that Nuala O’Loan will be a candidate.

The backward religious right are gluttons for punishment and, after taking a humiliating kicking in the shape of the complete rejection of their entire worldview by the Irish people, they will be desperate to try and gain some token revenge at the earliest possible opportunity.

O’Loan fits the bill. She’s stuck her nose into the debates in both the same sex marriage referendum and the Eighth Amendment referendum. She’s a strict Catholic and has “status” and “credibility” due to her being Police Ombudsman in the North. She’s a Northerner. She’s a woman, and the regressive religious right love Auntie Thomasinas more than anything. “I mean, if one woman has no problem with regressive misogynist dogma, why should anybody else?”

Watch this space.


But Bobby Kerr will likely have his eyes on the prize too. All these “entrepreneur” types should have a cunt-off primary between themselves.


TFK’s favourite Maria, Holy Maria, would surely get 15%+. I think there’ll have to be an Iona candidate alright. Otherwise what are they good for?

Mickey D will be 84 by the time his 2nd term ends but I agree with his soft & fuzzy socialism and I like having a leprechaun for Head of State

Just had a thought that I don’t know I can even publish here, @Rocko be on alert - Is Ireland the only country in the world with most probably a gay head of government and also a gay head of State?


Dev was 84 when his second term began.



actually he was 77, his first term was 1921-22