Presidential Election 2018


oopps let your inner misogynist slip out there




the rolleyes, the last vestige of the thoroughly seething


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So another cunt from that despicable programme, Dragons Den, is going for election? Why do these pricks all of a sudden have an interest in being president when they haven’t been seen since the last episode of this rubbish on TV? Remember all they had to say about homelessness? No, me neither. Cunts, the lot of them.

I’m only waiting for one of the Limerick lads to mention PJ for president.


Liam O Neill would have walked this.


Sean Kelly would have walked it


Rob Heffernan would have walked it


mark Pollock would have walked it




Gavin Duffy called Today ‘Super Monday’

Ah lads


You just learnt that from the 9oclock news. Is that what you do watch TV and spam us with the first thing that comes into your head @myboyblue


It’s an awful fucking pity Martin McGuinness didn’t get the nod the last time, a full state funeral was the least the great man deserved.

Gallagher still has some stupid head on him. Duffy looks like the oinker he is, loves the trough I’d say. Joan seems a nice sort but at this stage you’d be wary of anyone involved in a charity in Ireland, even a great one like Pieta House.


What’s this weird movement Duffy keeps doing with his hands, opening them out like a priest saying mass but doing it over and over.


Another car crash interview with Gemma O’Doherty on Drivetime this evening by Philip Boucher-Hayes.

Gemma will have won over a lot of councils with her assertion that “I am not a monster.”

We also learned from her that hearsay is a form of evidence.

I think I remember Lionel Hutz saying that too, although to be fair to Mr. Hutz, he wasn’t a real person and was a cartoon caricature, unlike Gemma, who is a human caricature.


Sarah Louise Mulligan on Tonight Show here. Gas.


Gemma is back screaming that she’ll take anyone to court who “defames” her.

She’s mad for running to elites for help.


The runners are seriously inept. Not a chance will I vote for twee, Gallagher or any ‘dragon for that matter’, Joan is losing my support, Kevin is just bonkers and I don’t care about the rest. To be fair to O’Doherty she has the establishment rattled as fuck and RTE can’t hide their hatred for her. To think we pay those cunts millions every year. SO for that reason alone, Gemma has my vote so far.