Presidential Election 2018


You’d be right to be wary of her


GoD probably has no chance of the nomination now which is a pity. The campaign would have been box office but we don’t allow Mavericks in Oireland


Scenes in Dublin council chamber today as fg put down motion not to endorse any candidate of the six who presented today before even seeing them.
Apparently Norma Burke stole the show but failed to secure the nomination after the fg motion was carried.


Excerpt from Norma’s pitch .
“As I’m new in town I thought it would be a super idea to run for president to get some free publicity for my business.

“If I win, I’d cease trading for seven years, however I’d use that time to host people useful to my interests and make a lot of powerful contacts.

“I propose to serve as the CEO of the newly created Aras hunting lodge and spa. I’d be in one room in the Aras and the rest will be rented out as hotel rooms to wealthy guests who would pay top dollar to hunt deer in the Phoenix Park.

Ms Burke also suggested the possibly of creating a new reality television show to our screens called “In Your Aras”.

You might see me in the morning in my silk jim-jams eating my breakfast… Perhaps even touching myself if it gets good ratings.”

“We would cut all taxation and welfare spending that will lead to significant reduction in population, then you would burn the bodies of the dead for fossil fuels.”


The establishment is as the establishment does .


And she was the most sensible of those appealing for a nomination.


It never ceases to amaze me at the likes of Boy Barrett and his ilk when they jaw at length about choice and democracy when they actively work to deny people their democratic choice to vote for a candidate that BB doesn’t like. If that is his vision for Ireland, then I want no part of it.


Sharkey and gone :disappointed_relieved:


Stack already getting his soapbox in the indo saying Ni Riada is not a suitable candidate for the presidency.


a gimp and a rag, theyre well met.


Sharkey pulls out of presidential election with a press release that focuses on his new “Presidential collection”, that he presumably has been working on for some time, and also mentions a new single he has coming out.
A more cynical man than me would think the whole thing was a massive PR stunt.


Ireland wasn’t ready for Kevin’s vision


I could tell you some stories about him out in Ibiza, he used to have a gaff out there


G’wan so.


I don’t think any presidential candidate has summed up the Irish spirit better than Sharkey. The black man who wanted to keep Ireland white.


Kevin wasn’t ready for Kevins vision


I think Gemma O’Doherty would make a great President. She will tackle the snowflakes and sleveen FF/FG types.


How much power do you reckon the President has?


None, and Doherty wouldn’t change that one iota. If she ran for office and was even close to success, it would expose the likes of Varuka and Mehole for the cunts that they undoubtedly are. And that is why they have conspired to stop her from going for office.

Unfortunately, Twee will win this and Labour will use it as a way of staying relevant.


I presume because she will have had a soapbox to utter shite from, much like the rest of them?