Price of a Haircut


Ooooofffftttt :rofl:


The Butcher Barber on Molesworth Street. Great spot. Great haircuts. Expensive but great value and given what some of you pay for whiskey it’s a pittance.


Ah lads. Say it ain’t so ! Are ye all big hairy Neanderthals ?
Ffs it’s not so hard to wax and tidy. Very very disappointed.


Is it true about this nancyboy flogging his hole in the park at night time? Is Tassoti a rentboy?




Guys, long time readers will know I’m a really quiet person with a strong aversion to conflict but I was just the victim of an attempted queue skipper in the barber shop.

I was third in line - in fact the chap immediately ahead of me strode into the shop a mere yard or two in front of me and held the door open. The guy in front of us was then called and we were both waiting when a grey and wispy-haired dick arrived in (not Paul Williams but that type of haircut).

Anyway the guy in front of me was then called and the next available barber bellowed “next please” a short time later. I stood up (neither over eaglerly or nonchalantly) and commenced my approach to the chair.

Then I noticed the other prick standing up and taking his jacket off. He turned around and addressed me in an overly familiar and cocky tone.

“Think it’s me, mate.”

“Eh no, I was ahead of you.”

“Don’t think so. Pretty sure I’m next.”

“Nah, you walked past me when you came in.”

“I’m not gonna argue with you.”

“Grand. I’ll go ahead so.”

My heart is still racing after the sheer tumult of it all.


What barbers did this happen in? :zipper_mouth_face:


Grand Barbers at Grand Canal Dock.


Think of all those salary negotiations you have most likely bottled due to your fear of conflict. Called into your office by your director for the yearly increase and you meekly accept the 2% and a half days extra annual leave. The next day you’re sitting at your desk raging seeing the boss drive in with a new motor while you struggle to meet your mortgage. “Ah well”, you say, “when I’m the bossman things will be different” while you open another tab on google chrome away to read any old shite for the rest of the day.

Today you managed to g yourself up in order to get a short back and sides and whatever pubes you have left on your head trimmed. Your bird probably forces you to go to garden centres at the weekend ffs you baldy spineless cunt.


A series of very very very valid points delivered in a no nonsense manner.


You are too agreeable.


One point of order, my life partner doesn’t force me to go to garden centres. She makes me go to Kilkenomics and midweek evening Trinity Science Gallery lectures. Pete Lunn from ESRI delivered a brilliantly engaging lecture last Thursday night on economic collapse.


That’s a bit harsh.


Is that the place at the bottom of the Montevetro building?


She sounds like a very engaging person and a suitable long term intellectual companion for you.


Yes, they do a grand cut


I wonder how they cut wispy grey hair :thinking:


With a scissors I’d imagine, possibly a razor too


Is it not call the Altro Vetro/Vitro building?

The gentleman did have a style similar to the one you were sporting in that Tipp/Waterford NHL video you deleted a couple of years ago.


Watch the video again you lying cunt. I had a cap on.