Price of a Haircut


You could see the wispy bits coming out at the side of the cap FFS sake.


That’s a fucking lie


Similar thing happened to me one time when I was sat on a couch in Limerick with two other punters and a big, fat, sweaty, repulsive, ginger, approximately 40 year old traveller barged in and decided that he was next and didn’t have to wait in line (fourth). I made eye contact out of the corner of my eye with the chap to my left who was up next and we both gave each other a look that said without words that it wasn’t worth confronting this ruffian over this matter. It was a Turkish barbers, Limerick folks might know Ali’s barbers. It was my first and only time in the cunt of a place and the Turkish fella made a dogs dinner of my simple requests anyway. All in all a terrible experience.


I can’t believe you got eight likes for that crock of shit.


You still liked it though.




Do you mind the fact that your life partner is more intelligent than you?


No, but it sickens me that she earns more money than me. :briefcase: :dollar:


You need to knock her up. That will put a fair dent in her earning power


There will never be another Margies’s in Rathkeale. Best barber shop ever .


I paid a visit to the Casablanca Moroccan barbers in cork again today. A great bunch of lads. Such was the hypnotic mix of the scent of the argan oil and the deep trance music I nodded off for a few mins in the seat. I woke up refreshed and looking years younger. A slather of bay rum to awaken all the senses before they set you off on your merry way. 15 euro. A bargain. 10/10


i don’t trust barbers that rely on gimmicks like a free shot of liquor. Their workmanship should speak for itself


Generally I agree but that experience did sound unreal also.


Jesus ye must be 30 years behind in the barber stakes in the mainland if you dont know what bay rum is pal. Its massaged into your head and produces a magnificent cold blast to the scalp



They’re still running a bit of wax through the hair after John Bull is done. It’ll be Brylcreem by the time they’ve left the EU.


Eeee oooop man none of that foreign muck in my aair


I say, Dax only, Dax only I say


Jesus the Dax your hair wouldnt budge for a week after it. You’d nearly need swarfega to get it off your hands then


Go up to johnnys in Castletroy lads, grand spot.


Beside Rios and Bambury ?