Price of a Haircut


Above rios yeah.

Bamburys is no more, boylesports in there now.


just got a blade 2 all over for the first time in a while, its savage liberating, I feel a lot lighter on my feet, and it feels like my clarity of thought has improved


Are you still Catholic?


1/2 Blade here too, pal. My hearing, cognitive thought levels & aerodynamics levels are all off the charts.

I shouldn’t really be posting in here thought as i haven’t pay for a haircut in 6 months.


10€ Kubilay Turkish barbers in the Ballinakill Business Centre. Dry cut, eyebrows trimmed. No messing. Out in 10 minutes.


Would you ever go for the hot towel shave Fagan ?


I wouldn’t. I shave in the shower.

I used to get a towel shave in Wogans Barbers in South King St in Dublin, but since they closed I’d say 25 years ago I shave myself.


You should find a nice barbers and treat yourself. I was a little surprised that you praised the efficiency which saw you in and out of the barbers in ten minutes. I thought a man of leisure like you would make a half day out of the task.


€24 for me at lunchtime in Dublin 2. €17 for the haircut and €7 for the beard trim. I don’t mind the beard trim cost but that’s a lot for a haircut when your forehead commences at the crown of your head.


Worked out as 25c per hair


Mac in with the predictable bald gag. That was a surprise


in fairness, it’d probably costs him €27 for a nostril hair trim


It’s a tough time. Sure @bandage is even making his own forehead gags now.


Wogans was a noble establishment. Wasn’t it a pair of old brothers that ran it? Sound skins.


It was. Two grand old gents. It think it was 2 pounds to get your hair cut when they closed.


Mrs Batt does it with the machine so no cost. Back in the day it was Margie Ahearn.


Did Margie vote against th 8th in 83?


Fuck off you numpty cunt.


Well done dogshitforbrains, that’s a new one.
Oh and thanks for informing us of your fascinating haircutting arrangements, I hope you wouldn’t let the missus at you with an open blade.