Price of a Haircut










And I notice you drag dogshit into the conversation yet again. You are beyond help at this stage you numpty cunt of cunts.


One of my kids stepped in a massive dogshit the other day, it was horrendous. It made me think of the selfish lazy cunts who couldn’t be arsed to clean up the shit after them.
Do you still allow your dogs to shit where they please and cry like a baby because you’re not allowed do it in the Manor??? :smile: you stupid stupid cunt


Pathetic levels of childishness from these posters. A competition to out-do each other with puerile insults.
Fuck off the lot of you.


Batt is a very odd character, I’ve tried to have a bit of craic with him on numerous occasions but he only has one dumb reply, takes it far too seriously


I’ve discussed the possibility of a few bannings with @Bandage. Time for the mods to step in, I’ll let you know what action we are going to take.


And I have made it very clear that I have no interest in any kind of conversation with you, even one with ‘a bit of craic’.

I can think of no-one else who constantly references dogshit in any kind of conversation so you are the dogshit queen of the forum. And yes, my dogs will continue to shit where they want and when I do get them into the Manor, they’ll shit there too.


Thanks pal, fuck off yourself.


Why so fucking serious?? It was a joke comment earlier about the hairdresser,


Not surprising to see that tracksuit weirdo in the middle of it.


Barber :barber: and client chatting to each other about how great a film the ‘Shawshank Redemption’ is. The cunts are going through it scene by scene.

A 4 on the back and sides lads and a scissors on top.


Roaster central.


And you’re trusting this barber with your hair?


Too late now. Arah, I’d have a jaw line that can handle any haircut disaster.


Besides, you’re just in for the ears, nose and eyebrows


2 Questions.

1.Do you talk to your barber - Personally yes.

2.Would you tell a barber ‘i’ll wait on’ & point to another fella you wanna go to? - Again yes I’m that guy, which makes me a cunt but If i don’t like the look of him, fuck it i’ll pass. 3/4 weeks with a shit haircut. Fuck that.


Spot the townie