Price of a Haircut


I have three main rules when selecting a barbers shop:

  1. I don’t want to talk to the barber, outside of issuing initial instructions on what I want and thanking him at the end.
  2. I don’t allow a woman to cut my hair. If I walk into a place and there’s one woman there among even three men I’ll walk straight out again.
  3. I don’t want any cunt cutting my hair who wears a waistcoat or any kind of formal clothing like that.

You’d be surprised by how many barber shops where I’ve walked out their door when they’ve contravened one of these rules. I have whittled it down now to 2-3 shops I regularly use where i kind of rotate them depending on which one is most convenient for me on that particular day. One of the shops though I only go to it on a Monday because I know that there’s a fella there who will talk but his day off is a Monday.


lads who let women cut their hair :joy:


Who was the simple chap on here who had some awful stories about his retardedness when it came to barbers? He claimed to live in France once, an awful gold help us of a fella?


The Turks and the Brazilians are the most skilled barbers in my experience. You’re at nothing letting an Irish lad cut your hair.


Agree. The Turkish lad that cuts my hair and performs the hot towel shave and wax is some operator, we’d often have a latte and an auld chat before the grooming commences and I’d slip into his shop on a Tuesday around mid morning while it’s quiet.


You should give a spin down to Cork to the Casablanca on Oliver Plunkett St. Mentioned it here before. The bay rum rubbed into the scalp post haircut is a lovely touch.


They won’t try to talk to me in the middle of it will they?


I got a lovely haircut in Tralee two weeks ago off a Paki fella who never opened his mouth to me. I briefly nodded off in the chair and all.




I must get a haircut actually.

@gilgamboa how much for a normal cut in that place?


My Turkish lad does the same, all sorts of sprays and lotions going on, head and neck massage as the towel heats your face. Does your lad do the hot towel shave?

  1. Never

1Normally no. Yesterday I was in town early at the doctors and after I went into the barbers in GCD. He was saying he’d been there for 10 years. I told him he must have balls of steel to have opened up any business in 2008 least of all in GCD which was a dead zone then and he got a laugh out of that and we had a grand chat about how his business picked up since.

I had a no2 all over and a 1 1/2 on the beard. This chap would be a diligent barber and he took a good 20 minutes to do that. After all of that he charges me a tenner. I put that down to his good humor after the chat. Needless to say I spotted him a fiver.


Not unless you can speak Moroccan


I’d only ever tip a barber before Christmas.


15 quid for strangers and 12 quid for regulars I think. An ad hoc kind of place


Only if you ask for it.


I always tip the barber.


I’d always throw a fiver as well. I usually let my hair grow to such a state the poor cunts deserve an extra few Bob


+1. I thought everyone would?


:eek: I have never in my life tipped a barber.