Price of a Haircut


Most people wouldn’t tip the barber each time you dopey cunt, stop trying to point score. We all know you don’t do so either. I could well believe @Fagan_ODowd tipping alright. Come here does your barber ever give you a free haircut if you bring the gear bag into the shop with you?




Imagine not tipping a fella who would put sharp implements near your head? Christ, you’d be taking your life in your hands.


For fuck sake. And the poor divils on minimum wage.
Who would you tip?


Ah no?


If he was charging you 13 quid, would you not give him the 15?


I never realised I was commiting a grooming faux pas mate. However I feel it’s too late for me to change my ways now.


Tis a wonder you haven’t lost an ear.


When one of them cuts your miserable throat some day don’t come crying to us.


One of the places i go to is €18 and i’ll be damned if i’m not getting that €2 back. The other place i go to then is a tenner.


Fuck sake :smile:


Likewise, think it 's 16e for haircut where I go & they charge me the Student 12.50e every time ( i put this down to being a regular & having a decent chat & a laugh with whoever cuts).but i just give em the 15e.


A lot of barbers are at that craic these days. I drove past the bus stop there the other day & I saw a lad who works where I go get mine cut and he there standing like a spare prick in a 3 piece @ 6 or so in the evening.


Was this the little grey haired chap in the Grafton Barber beside Fresh or someone in The Grand Canal Barber?


The former.


15 quid for a haircut. Pure madness. It would pay you lads to drive north. 6 quid is plenty and a good Presbyterian haircut is hard to beat.


An Eastern Europe bird cut my hair in there the last time, good job though.

Peters in Douglas is good, no birds, Turk works there, no chat, great cut.


@Copper_pipe et al. I may have some time to kill in the NCW/West Limerick region tomorrow . Any barber recommdations? An auld fella across Whelans Bar I think cut my hair a few times but that was about 15 years ago and he was a bit doddery back then


Head to Drom for the County Junior A Hurling Final.

With regards the haircut, head to Classic Cuts down Maiden Street. It’s about 2 doors from Whelans


Should have clarified. It’s tomorrow AM

Thanks mate