Price of a Haircut


If I don’t see your active here tomorrow evening i’ll assume the worst.


Got the hair chopped earlier lads. Didn’t tip but the barber gave me back my fiver change in 50c coins. My card is marked I fear.


I pay extra for Nicola from funk to cut what’s left of mine. She is exquisite, and you’d often get a rub of a boob on your shoulder or ear. I’d always tip.


A few more quid if you get a rub of a crotch I suppose.


I don’t quite know how to respond to that


Always a bit of a treat when they are sleeveless and they are in over you with their lovely bare armpit clo se enough to smell it and a bit of tit shoved into your face at the same time


I’d tip for tit to be fair.


Tipping barbers? Not a chance in a provincial town anyway; a cash business I’d say they don’t declare half the heads they touch to the taxman


A wet towel shave is their drinking money. I have that on good authority.



Fucks sake I hope he doesn’t tip.


His teammate cuts his hair


Took the wee lad to the barbers yesterday. All young lassies working there and it’s pot luck who you get. There’s one who’s dead average, one who’d make you think about setting your head on fire and one who’d melt your socks.
It was a nervous wait but I had options- dead average said who’s next and I let the young lad take the bullet. The gamble paid off.
13 British pounds for both of us, I gave them 20 and considered it a bargain.


I hate getting my haircut mainly due to waiting times and dodgy barbers. I usually get into town first thing on a Saturday morning to get it done.


I’m due a haircut.

Any recommendation in Cork City? @chocolatemice @gilgamboa @backinatracksuit


Casablanca on Oliver Plunket St. Pint in the Welcome inn after


I left the barber shop last Wednesday with a cut on my neck and a tissue up against it to stem the blood flow. A Halloween massacre.

I usually toddle over around 11.45am to beat the lunchtime queue. All barbers were at work upon my arrival but there was nobody else waiting. One other chap arrived then and two barbers finished almost simultaneously, a good fella who’s been there for years and a new lad.

I could have done the “I’ll wait for him” type thing when the new lad was first to sort out payment with the departing customer and sweep up a bit. But I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

It was a shoddy affair. There was a general lack of care and attention to detail. Scrambling around to borrow blades and other pieces of equipment from other workstations. Harshly shunting my head from side to side and cutting with an unnecessary level of aggression.

I noticed that a crucial bottle of ointment / gel / liquid was near empty and he was draining the last of it. It’s the ointment that they wipe around your locks, back of the neck, hair and beard line (if you have a beard) before smoothing off and straightening out those parts with the cut throat. Yer man filled the bottle again with tap water, rubbed it around those parts and started butchering away at me.

It was sore as fuck but, of course, I didn’t say anything. He moved onto the beard trim and was similarly taking chunks out of me when I noticed my neck was bleeding. Then he started saying “no, no, sorry, sorry, no, beard trim, blood, no, no” and making the universal hands up to apologise gesture. It seemed he didn’t have much English. Then he was chatting to one of the other competent barbers and produced some cream which kind of slowed the bleeding and he finished the hair cut.

I got the hot towel at the end to wipe away hairs along with blood from my neck and yer man was saying sorry. I went up to the cash register and he was saying “beard trim, no, no, no” so I presumed there would be no charge for that aspect. So he tapped at the register and input for a standard dry cut and then tapped again for a beard trim! €17 + €10 = €27.

I was a bit startled but regained my composure enough to consider complaining. But then I looked around and saw a queue had formed and people were watching the general commotion of bloody towels, pigeon English, barbers muttering to each other and me standing there with a tissue held against my bloody neck.

So I bottled it and paid €27 by debit card. I didn’t tip.


I frequent a Polish place in Douglas only … the Turkish place on Oliver Plunkett St is a grand spot - went there for a few cuts when I first moved down. Karizma or something like that.


I sympathize with your situation. It’s very hard to complain in a barbers. You’re on the spot under extreme pressure, to pay and move on and not delay the next person in line, and on top of that you will often only notice certain issues after you’ve left. Do barbers know this and rely on it? I remember being in a very busy barbers in Dublin a few months ago and only noticing afterwards two very bad problems with my haircut. I had suspected something was wrong but the young fella had been talking away to me about hurling as he was a relation of the O’Briens in Patrickswell and I didn’t want to cause a scene. I emailed them subsequently and the owner got back promptly asking for pictures. I was very impressed with the customer service and responsed with pictures of the offending tufts of hair sticking out the side of my head. He never replied then.




you emailed the barbers :smile: were you on your fucking period you little cunt?