Price of a Haircut


Jesus that must have been one shit haircut that you went to the trouble of taking pictures & emailing them.

To be fair though sounded like a disaster of a cut.


That’s an appalling state of affairs. Most of us have accepted being treated with contempt at some point, but there’s a line.
It’s one hour until you’ve let a day pass. I wouldn’t let the matter rest.
You wouldn’t accept a few drips and thumb marks from your painter, yet you let this eejit run amok with a cutthroat razor.
The man screwed you, and, as you pointed out, he didn’t even have the courtesy to lube you up.

(I noticed that you had 5 likes for your post. Then 4. The enormity of the situation dawned on someone.)


Great to see a go getter go out a get them. The self hating Irish would be too full of shame to follow up something like that in real life – they’d just come on TFK and moan about it while drinking whiskey on a Friday night.


27 quid for a dry cut and beard trim?? You were mugged off in every way possible there @Bandage :hushed:


You have the most useless cunts in the world on here.


I had a step at the back of my head like something from the 90s and a big tuft at the left side of my head sticking out where he had neglected to continue cutting in a line.


Who liked the post initially and then removed the like?

Own up, you little bollix.


What would you do, ring them?


Willie will sort them out with the 32 spanner


Don’t know. But that’s not what you should be worrying about.


he should fire it up for the laugh

"Dear barber,

I refer to my haircut of 15th June. I must say that I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the cut. there were 2 very big problems and I was left with tufts of hair sticking out of the side of my hair. I enclose photos of the offending tufts for reference.

Whilst I did enjoy the chat about hurling and the nostril and eyebrow trim, I have to say that I was less than impressed with the cut.

I look forward to hearing from you within a period of 14 days from the date of this email and if I fail to receive satisfactory suggestions for recompense I shall be left with no alternative but to report you to the ICCL for your haircut hate crime.

Yours faithfully



What would you know about haircuts in fairness?


its actually outragous what has happened to you, was the barber a racist or homophobe or one of those ?


enough not to leave a barbers bleeding, broke and emasculated


You know enough so.


Probably come home in a foul mood, fuck the dinner in the bin and sit down drinking whiskey and glowering at the wife and tapping away on the phone for the evening.


I liked your post as it’s a very good post.
I’ve separated my appreciation of a well written post and the fact that you are a pathetic excuse for a man.


Your average night for them …


What cunt was on here last week letting a traveller jump ahead of them in the barbers?


@Smark ?