Price of a Haircut


Thank you. I tried to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, the way @Smark does.


The battle ground for masculinity in 2 '18 is the barbers it would appear.


Lads around here walk into their barbers men and leave broken. @Smark letting some tinker waltz in and jump the queue id say he never felt as small, @Bandage cowering away from telling the young fella he would wait then getting butchered by him and paying a ridiculous price for the entire episode and finally @glasagusban sweet talked by a young man with a ruler and carpet knife but all the while remained silent avoiding the confrontation.


Something along those lines alright.


a tinker ahead of you in the qeue would be a serious predicament for most men. i know they sterilse the implements but i personally wouldnt let a blade on me that was used on a tinker minutes beforehand


I’m fairly sure the tinkers are sat there thinking the exact same when they are looking at your carbuncle head in the chair.


You can get AIDS by sharing razor blades can’t you


Emailng your fucking barber. Good grief.

I didn’t think we’d find a more useless cunt at getting a haircut than @The_Dunph, but thats TFK for you, always full of surprises.


Were there any barbers in the 70’s & 80’s?

I’d there wasn’t any long queue’s or having to go in at 8.30 on a Saturday for fear of sitting for an hour on the couch.


Forking over €27 (by debit card) for grevious bodily harm and emailing barbers. An outstanding morning’s TFKing in here. :clap:


I wouldn’t be comfortable having my hairs mix with yours on the barbers floor what with the AIDS and all that


Do lads with aids have to declare their condition to the barber I wonder?


I gave you the nice post there @Bandage. What barbers was it?


lookit sit in with a tinker if you wish and sure let the dirty cunt borrow your tootbrush if that makes you feel better about yourself but its not for me, each to their own


Oh I agree with you 100% on this one.


I can’t get my head around the two stories I’ve read about here today. Absolutely fascinating stuff.


I went into a barbers in Dundalk that was recommended by a colleague last week. Two lads inside there and no customers, so think to myself that I’m all set here. One of the lads was sitting in a barber chair with his feet up against the wall. The fuckers then proceeded to tell me it was appointments only and I could book a slot on their app. I don’t think I’ve ever made an appointment for a haircut in my life


What did you do?


i find it really fascinating to see the calibre of poster who seem to have real emotional issues in the barbers.
there are some very very weak individuals posting here, fellas who get bullied by faggots who cut hair for a living


He’s left out a very important part of the story here.
The bit where he pulled out his phone, downloaded the app and booked his appointment in an empty hairdressers while Walter and his boyfriend laughed at him.