Price of a Haircut


some of those quares have a great sense of humour actually


A total lack of confidence on show here from a few posters. I’d say some are hugely self conscious


Upending the fucker out of the chair is the correct course of action here. Did it happen?
Did it fuck. Some staggering revelations in this thread. A bunch of fannies in reality.


Stood there outside the door banging the phone screen in pure panic and the wind blowing his mop of unkempt hair all over the place while the boys were inside pretending to read the paper but were really in stitches behind the cover of the opened red top.


The poor bastards must have nightmares in the week leading up to the visit to the barbers.Crying in the mirror every morning as they notice another few mills onto their last cut.


Fucks sake


Throw the pictures up there. We can set up a poll to assess how bad the cut was.




@bandage,i reckon you could fly to manc, see the lovely Nicola, get a decent haircut and a chance of a boob rubbed off your ear, and be back in Dublin for tae for not much dearer.


PS I hope nicola isn’t on TFK.



You know lads you can make an online booking with a barber shop to see a specific barber who won’t cut off your ear. You arrive at a time and no waiting.

You’ll spend any money on a whiskey but won’t spend a few bob on a decent haircut.


If you could only download and 3D print the clippers you wouldn’t even need to leave the house.


I walked out mate. They said I could come back in an hour but I’d shit to do.

I went to another barbers but it had a lengthy queue and just one woman working there, so I did my other errands and left town. I still haven’t got the hair cut


Throw up a picture of Nicola altogether.


That’s mental stuff, an app. Any place where you’ve to book a haircut through an app and meanwhile the two of them are sat on their holes when a customer walks in deserves to go to the wall very quickly.

I’m due a haircut myself and I’ve pencilled in some time on Thursday evening to do so. I’m starting to get irked about the whole thing already, about where will I go and what kind of cunt is likely to be in there. The last haircut I got was in Tralee so I’ll have to put a bit of thought into whereabouts in Limerick I’ll go.


Go up to Kevin Staunton in Kilmallock


Peters, that’s where I go. There or Casablanca if I’m in town and have the time


Getting irked over the thought of an auld haircut, the worlds fucked lads, fucked.


What age are you? They surely can’t fuck up a short on the back and sides and a bit off the top with the scissors too badly