Price of a Haircut


Do they really sterilise the equipment between cuts in barbers. I know they have the oul bottle of barbicide for show but they are not dipping the blades of the clippers in those. The best you could hope for is that they’d blow the last cunts hair out of one of those with a hairdryer.


Thank fuck I’m a baldy is all I can say after today’s reading.


Years ago they used to have a sterilizer in hairdressers and barbers like the one below. Don’t see them as much now but maybe they are just hidden away.

You’d want your head examined to let a lad at you with a cut throat razor he uses on other people .


Here we go , the tf experts on how to sterilize barber equipment


Going by the post above you stick the razors in a microwave for 2 minutes and the job is oxo.


With that story Glas has become one of the most fascinating characters on TFK


I don’t believe a word of @Bandage 's story. He’s given the thread, and the forum a shot in the arm by feeding us some fodder, fodder which is rich with the possibility of indignant protest and the potential for ‘not me sir’ anecdote. He’s laughing his head off.
Either that or he got bitch slapped by a trainee brusher upper.


It’s only a matter of time before we get a Sweeney Todd episode and someone gets chopped up in a barbers


Thanks for reminding me about the boob rub. I used to go to Patsy’s in Limerick for years.
She had massive tits that couldn’t help but hit your head.

Thank God for the gown is all I’ll say.


I’m so sorry.
I’ve a magnificent head of hair myself - my first wife said that it was my only redeeming quality.


If the whiskey experts bring a naggin with them to the barbers they can self-sterilize.


“can you trim a bit more off the side patsy whilst my erection goes down?”


No, it’s the way he tell them…


That’s where the father-in-law went. Now I know why :clap::clap:


So I got my haircut this afternoon. I was in Limerick and pulled up outside that place in Dooradoyle. Normally there’s an Arab fella in there that won’t talk to me and does a nice job on my hair too. So as I approached the door I saw that there was no one in the chairs and no one waiting. Lovely I thought . Then a woman approached the chairs from the shadows as she saw me standing at the window looking in. It contravenes my well worn barber rules to have a woman cut my hair so therefore I promptly turned around, got into the car outside the door and drove away.

I was passing through Adare then and pulled into the barbers shop at the edge of the town. I’d never been in that shop before and on peering in the windows I again witnessed no customers in this shop, and what’s more there was a male barber standing up. Lovely I thought, my luck is about to turn. On opening the door then I was left speechless as a woman barber who went unseen by me from outside through the window, as she was sitting on a couch, got up and started leading me to a chair. I was annoyed that my best laid plans were in ruins and that my rule of not getting my hair cut by a woman was about to be torn up. I hadn’t the stomach to tell her I wanted yerman to cut my hair so I went ahead with it.

What followed was an uncomfortable 20mins where I had to converse non stop with this nice lady. She was very attentive to be fair to her and had a lovely manner but I prefer to frequent places where there is as close as possible to universal silence between me and the barber, therefore I won’t be returning again. When she asked had she taken enough of my hair off I lied and said she had. I couldn’t bear another few minutes of talking so I had to leave without as much of my unruly hair removed as I’d have liked. The haircut came to €15.


This was the first time you’ve ever had to speak to a woman that wasn’t your mother?


Or girlfriend.


I’ve often gone to women barbers and they usually do a great job

Finally got the haircut today. Went back to the place where they were on about the app. I didn’t need the app and was able to click on 3.30 on their website. Was in for 3.30 and out the door for 4. Fine job. Also €15


It would make a great film if you and @backinatracksuit traded places. You’d be surrounded by women every hour of the day. You’d probably go insane after a few hours.


Did you whack her over the head with a club?


A little trick. Say something mildly inappropriate and just leave it hanging there. Blissful silence