Price of a Haircut


I wouldn’t like to try that with someone who is going at your head with a scissors.


Mild enough to stop them talking not wanting to stab you in the head


Give us a few examples


I won a pumpkin carving competition for the third year in a row there at Halloween and some prick got awful upset about it. I like carving things


It’s in your DNA.


It wasn’t the one I entered!


The late Hughie Dooner was the barber in residence in Ballinamore’s for a lifetime. Hughie was a nosy oul’ hoor who’d enquire about your income/ sex life, your neighbours status whatever.
I was waiting one day back in the mists of time when a retired Garda Sgt sat into the chair.

Hughie began swooshing the apron and pricking around before “how would you like it Pat”
A deathly silence before the killer riposte :

In fucking silence Hughie.


Got the haircut there in Classic Cuts in NCW. The usual 3 back and sides and scissors on top.

2 barbers cutting when I arrived and 3 on the bench before me. I took a seat and had a quick read of the paper and also had a browse on TFK and Tinder :slight_smile:

Was in and out in about 35 minutes which didn’t bother me as it was pissing rain outside and it died down while my hair was being cut.

Cost €13. Overall a pleasant experience and I got a daycent bun in Marguerite’s before I headed home.


Fucking hell, what’s next??


I’m off to the barbers now in a minute lads.


Does your wife cut your hair?


I won’t bore ye with the details, this is fucking painful


Thinly veiled “i’m bald as an egg” post there.


@Breaking_my_balls will be able to answer that for you


I couldn’t tell, he was wearing a big gay red peak cap the day I marked his card.


Like the ones you’d wear in to GGA games to try get in as a juvenile? :stuck_out_tongue:


The baldies are seething


A fascinating subset of TFK, the no rinse brigade.


I hope it pisses rain all day tomorrow in Wicklow and you get hit by lightning at the end,
Then you can regale is with your very interesting barber chair story in 12 months time,
There’s lads living in this forum


You wouldn’t mark a bingo card you dumb fucking cabbage.