Price of a Haircut


No. Thoroughly enjoy it here and my partner is Khmer.


I was watching Hector’s programme about travelling from Siberia to Saigon on Tg4 last night. He was in Cambodia. Showed some kids living in a rubbish dump, really awful poverty.


That is interesting that Cambodia featured. Good that it has gotten exposure it if leads to action. Lot of horrific poverty here unfortunately. Cambodia trails far behind its neighbours. Thanks for the information.


IF only other TG4 travel program presenters were similarity conscientious. I remember one lad from Fingal had a show a few years ago but instead of using the platform to highlight injustice he seemed to be on a jolly with his brothers. Think he went into the vending game afterwards.


They were filming in a rubbish dump, hundreds of people living there. Hector was interviewing some Scottish guy, he was a big wheel in the movie business and gave it up. He set up a school and basic infrastructure in the dump for the kids and their families. Humbling to see what he is doing really.


One of my best friends is an interesting lass. Highly bright (first class honours in ppe at Oxford), she was a real high corporate flyer til she was doing the Berlin marathon and collapsed in the heat in, literally, the last mile, and thought she was going to die. She says that her last conscious thought as she passed out, thinking she was on her way off this mortal coil, was “I really hate my job”. Obviously she survived, but she resigned the day she landed back in London and went to do environmental work (high end, was govt advisor). She got bored of the politics, and was approached earlier this year to manage the environmental investment arm of an ethical charity. She says the founder and boss, is the rudest man she has ever met, and she has met plenty, but essentially, when he was at business school, he went out to Cambodia, and saw kids rooting around in massive rubbish tips, and vowed he would do everything in his power to stop it ever happening again.
He made, and I’m not exaggerating, 5 billion quid, has given that away through organisations he rigidly controls, such as this one, and has subsequently made another ten billion, which he is in the process of giving away.
He’s actually quite well known, but his charity arm isn’t. My pal says noone has ever spoken to her like that, and she would never tolerate it from anyone else, but he is remarkable.


What’s ppe?


Philosophy Politics and Economics in Oxford. All the future cabinet ministers study it.




I will try and contact Hector. Thanks for the information. Lots of children here go around collecting cans and rubbish to sell or go begging. Education definetly the best way out imo but that takes time and investment. One of our hardest challenges is seeking to get donors to support development of people rather than infastructure. Lots of donors are keen to build schools (and put their names on buildings) or pay for equipment. Not many donors prepared to pay for improving teachers who work in the schools or to improve the system in which the schools operate.


That cunt give money away? Don’t make me laugh. If he was putting a fiver in a poor box he’d want a PR team on hand also.




hardly, sugar’s barely worth a billion and charidee isn’t his thing.

id have a guess that the lad is called james…


I was expecting some wonderfully told festive haircut tales and instead I find the summary of some Irish type National Geographic episode based in Cambodia :man_shrugging:


Dyson of course.


nope, dyson doesn’t have the type of money flattys on about


16 euros in the Parnell Barber. Parnell St Dublin 1.

I was in town early this morning on the North side for a change. Thought about going to the Grafton Barber in Arnotts but figured that it would be mobbed. (It was). As I was walking down Parnell St I saw a :barber: in the distance and said I’d chance this. Immediately I pulled open the door I realized I had made a mistake.
As I stood frozen in horror the lone barber who was cutting some oul fellas greasy head gestured to a row of empty seats and said sit down over there I’ll be with you in a minute. I should have but I couldn’t turn around. I felt obliged to follow his instructions.

I sat in my topcoat in a row of three filthy seats and took in my surroundings. A bare dirty shop with higgledypiggledy rows of dirty things on shelves. Hair all over the floor. How? It was only 9 in the morning.

Eventually greasy head was finished and I was gestured to come over to meet my fate. There was no coat rack. So I had my hair cut in my coat. Lift your feeh said the red nosed barber as he moved the hair on the ground around with a brush.

Whah do ye want he says. One all over head and beard. He tied the smock around my neck using two corners of it, the Velcro having long since departed. I got the most rudimentary of cuts and a poor beard trim the most memorable part of which is that I left the barbers with a mouthful of hair for the first time in my life.

I got up covered in hair after a token blow of a hair dryer in my direction, bid the man a happy Christmas and headed in the direction of Arnotts spitting hair out of my mouth as I went.


You should have told him you were just looking for an estimate


Always do a drive-by of unfamiliar barbers before entering.


How much did you tip?