Price of a Haircut




4 euros


15 notes in Douglas shopping centre… I was just out of the gym and fairly sweaty and I brought this to the lady’s attention who said ‘you’re grand, I’ve seen worse’ … Bit of chat about Christmas and all that bit nothing forced and some comfortable silences in between. Tidy cut and I gave her a 5 Euro tip for working under harsh conditions.


That’s as good a post about getting a haircut as iv read in a very long time.


You should have turned back on your heels immediately on opening the door and realising your mistake. Did they not have windows you could peer through to ascertain what sort of a set up they had or more importantly if a woman was employed to cut hair there? I’d always peer through windows outside first before entering a barbers.


I always find the mobile phone very handy in these type of situations. Feign to answer a call and quietly step out.


Hold on now. You’re asking @Fagan_ODowd if he’s ever thought of peering in through a window ???





Back to the scene of the Halloween massacre at lunchtime for the second time and, again, I got the perpetrator as opposed to Sylwia, Ava or Sonata. He actually did a splendid cut and beard trim and there was no rough play or injuries sustained. However, the pre Christmas price of €27 for a cut (€17) and beard trim shaped with cut throat (€10) has been increased to €31 (€18 + €13).

Like the ladies in work (reference “Giving Up Coffee”) I now believe that businesses are using the cover of this VAT increase to drum up prices.



Tenner yesterday in blade browns. I was dreading the haircut as, smarklike, I hadn’t the energy or will for small talk. What a lovely experience, the sun was so bright in the window it felt like I was on a beach somewhere warm, I got a lovely half on the back and sides and scissors on top, with a hot towel neck and shoulder rub for a tenner, and your man didn’t utter a word save to wake me as I fell asleep so relaxing it was.
To my shame, I only had a ten, a twenty, and a one pound coin in the bottom of my bag, so I gave him eleven, as I judged twenty was precedent setting showoff over generous, and I was too embarrassed to ask for change.
Fantastic, like a 15 minute holiday.


For future reference what you do in the situation is you give the barber a 20 and say just give us back a 5.


I was a bit flustered cos it is usually eight and I give ten in the barbers. I’d give Nicola more.


Tipping barbers is for the birds.


I’ve given in and I just make an appointment with the barber now. You get straight in with no sitting waiting for ages and you get a good barber and not the shit lad who would be sweeping the floor otherwise. That’s just the way it’s gone these days.


Buy a clippers,my teen has been cutting mine 5 yrs, TBH though he won’t let me cut his the last year


This +1

Haven’t got a teen but my wife clips my (admittedly thinning) locks every couple of weeks to keep me tidy. No queueing, tipping, booking an appointment. zzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiip zzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiip zzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp and get on with life.


A few lads here admitting a lack of pride in their person


Or a lack of hair on their person.


I’ll bet you would you randy fucker. You wouldn’t be moaning about her rooting around in your trousers either. Yer’ a gas man.


31 fucking euro!!!

VAT increase only applicable to hospitality and food sector no?