Price of a Haircut


So it’s just a price increase. :angry:


More like an opportunist gouging an easy target. You should look for a price list next time and should my suspicions be confirmed you may pursue the bastard with a cutthroat razor.


Three generations of this family have a notion of the same hairdresser/barber. My 8 year old says she gives him hearts in his eyes. A fine mare she is.


Cc @Fagan_ODowd and @artfoley


Like that Korean chap Kim


So why didn’t you go to Nicola?

  1. You need an appointment.
  2. She takes an hour.


I read Bandages post yesterday about forking over €31 for a haircut but was rendered too speechless to reply until now. And this is from the same establishment that butchered him recently and left clumps of hair still there. It’s incredible there’s mugs out there who will go in there and pay that. What’s the name of this shop @Bandage?


She takes an hour to cut a man’s hair and then charges £8? :laughing:


No she charges me £15. I give her £20
And there’d invariably be a rub of a boob on the ear at some point.
She was at our Christmas party.


What’s this about clumps of hair? Did that happen me before? It might have, but I can’t recall. The place is The Grand Barber. Their new price listing is on their website. Think it’s


Are you going to keep going there and forking over €31 a visit?


They’d want to have a loyalty card system for that price


Some lads are a bit weird about their haircuts


Have we been teleported back to 2006? €31 for a haircut😲


It beggars belief.


Have ye Limerick pansies got yere own special hairstylists FFS what happened to the red blooded Irish male,why didn’t you go to nichola FFS I give up,hard to fathom how ye won an all Ireland last year


I’m really wavering. There’s psychology associated with breaking that €30 barrier. It makes you think.


I think you need to think very carefully about it. Its 30 quid yes, but on the other hand you have a very unusual shaped head so it takes a bit of skill and a lot more time to sort it out. Do they polish your forehead for the 31?


You could get that done for free down the bowling alley