Price of a Haircut

It’s South Dublin prices I presume mate? If so, it’s all relative. The Muldoons will never understand

I wouldn’t have a clue about the beard trim but 18 euro isn’t obscene in Dublin

Not that I know of.

He’s around, but mostly over 35 from what I can see.

Nichola lives in Greater Manchester, I live in Limerick. Hardly worth the trip.

People forget that the All Ireland was one by a single point. One solitary point. That’s the smallest of margins. So I put it down to that, a lot of hard work, a good manager and as I posted before, Caroline Currid.

I’m a Cat by the way. A Cat living in Limerick.

You are a cat?


Naw just a pussy

Went into the Grafton Barber in Arnotts this morning. The initial engagement went Would you like something to drink? Coffee, tea, beer?

Like a beer at 9 o clock in the morning in the barbers would be a good start to the day.

You must have been looking particularly unkempt?

I had the vague look of a hobo alright.

Did you go for the beer in the end?

Too many cunts going around with beards nowadays. Wasting the valuable time of non bearded folk by taking a space for an hour or more. Trim your beard at home yourself you useless cunt


It was worse in the 90s

At least they weren’t bothered with trimming them in the barbers, if at all

I did not.

Amateur hour

My young fella went to nichola today. Not sure howmuch it was, but coincidentally, im going for beer now in a bit.

A beard on a young fella nowadays is a sure sign of a cunt I tend to find.

And that’s the bottom line, cos @myboyblue said so

Tenner in a barbers in Henry street the weekend, I guessed the barber was South African by his accent I was wrong. Zimbabwean…Lovely fellow. A highly racist chap.

Left Zimbabwe 22 years ago I think he said and has never went back since. Gave me a history lesson about the troubles in Zimbabwe, hadn’t a notion what he was on about or said most of the time I just nodded in agreement and said ‘god ya? that’s mad’. Must of presumed I was racist for a finish as I unknowingly agreed with most of his views.

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In the words of many a Brexiteer I’ve Taken Back Control and splashed out 35 notes on a hair and beard trimmer. I’m already half way to being in profit and I am very pleased with the results.


Do you keep downstairs nice and tidy too?

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