Price of a Pint

Toners for me was one of the very few old style traditional pubs that did not have arseholes of bar men - in fact they were always very sound.


Agreed. O’Donoghues seemed to either only hire wankers or train their people to be wankers.

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Used you actually work, as in turn up in the office type thing, back then? Changed times….

Ah shtop.


Get out of the this place for a while. A stint away will actually make you appreciate some things about home a bit more.


I do like it here tbh but there’s some clean out of bodies in recent times.

Sitting in an office all day on the t’inernet making shit puns is hard work


you would love Brisbane

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Same for every generation. I’d say at least 80% of my peers did a stint abroad. Most came home eventually.

All that changes is the reasons they whinge in those Irish Abroad articles in the Irish Times. We had to leave because there were no jobs. We had to leave because there were no houses. We had to leave because of the famine.

I don’t really think any of my friends had to leave tbh. They’ve a grand way of life. The world is a much smaller place know and must of them have unreal jobs.

Will be rocking for the Munster match I spose

The father told me he had a few pints in Douglas last week and they were 6.80…wtf

Seven euro for a pint of Moretti in Mickey Martin’s last night. I was tempted to take the glass home with me to get some kind of value out of it.

That’s fucking saucy now.

You can charge stoned hippies what you like they won’t realise the difference

Where’s The Botanist?

What would you expect from an alickadoo?

In didsbury. Name changed again to some other inspector Morse sounding place.

They know what cunts like.

I’d say there wouldn’t be too many alickadoos hanging around Mickey Martin’s.

It used be called The Alickadoo.
Perhaps before your time…