Question for the techies

Microsoft wanted me to ‘Pin an App’ on my PC.
WTF does that mean?

I politely declined…

The tin foil trick might be worth trying alright.
Might ease her mind…

Lucky escape

They didn’t say what the App was.
Probably Microsoft Edge.
They can feck off… I’m a Firefox man.

Any of you ever see this on Facebook?
Punctuation and such looks dodge…


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Do i need to reset passwords?

No idea about Facebook sorry. Just the message screams scam to me.

Where did you see it in Facebook? It’s a scam anyway

Came in on my notifications relating to a page I have. I clicked on it and it included a list of other businesses in the area, all reputable.

I reported it. I’ll change passwords in any case.

Probably best you do, yeah, and post-haste as when they crack one, they crack them all, bank a/c included.

Deadly they are atm, certainly one step ahead of cybersecurity. With AI doing untold in aiding these cunts, theyre cracking accounts left right and centre. They’re purposely triggering account access warnings so people feel they’ve to make a change to p/w for security reasons. All the while they’re monitoring p/w (password) changes the cute cunts. P/w change + ip address equals zero dineros when you hit the ATM (automated teller machine) next day.

What id advise, and it’s the same advice we’re getting from our tech HQ in Silicone Valley, is pick 5 of your easiest remembered but personally unique p/ws, send us those 5 and we’ll put them into this program that encrypts a unique identifier that’s nearly unhackable unless you’ve a genetically identical twin or your fingerprints hacked for replication. This UID (unique identifier) will get emailed to two email accounts linked to the 5 p/ws you’ve given.

PM (private msg) me and I’ll send on email address to send p/ws to. Allow 72 hours for the lads to sort tho, they’re pretty snowed in with similar work at the moment such is the scale of issue/personal accounts being cleaned out.

It’s a jungle out there lads- best be wide and not fuck about on such matters.


Send me your passwords….

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Is it worth employing google authenticator or is that another cod?

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Ya, I’d ignore the advice to send your passwords to your man’s Russian friends and put MFA on all accounts you have online that support it.




Turn on MFA anywhere that supports it. Not unhackable but definitely add a huge layer of security to the account.


Right lads, in the market for a new 55’ to 60’ TV. Any recommendations?

What happened?

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Get a 50. Anything larger needs a very big room