Question for the techies


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The nerds are out in force today, you’d be wasting your time ringing the Harvey Norman support line around now



Or anyone else

I have a friend who is a business owner
She was given an iPhone by a employee to cover him after a break
Between jugs and reels he kept it. Nobody had an issue. The employees partner works for apple and got it for fuck all
However there now has been a major fall out that has gone legal
The employee has made allegations against another employee of bullying etc.
It’s a nonsense
My friend is furious as this employee got a GP note and is out for 2 weeks at least.
But it has left entire business in the shit. Massively
However my mate now is suspicious that said employee has had access to emails and other things through the iPhone. But of a technophobe and is freaked out. Things not adding up. This includes emails to lawyers etc. employee is ahead of the game on everything and seems to know stuff they could not in any other way.

Is this possible? That they are accessing thru an old link/set up on the iPhone?

I know when I used my missus Mac while my laptop was being fixed I ended up get emails on my phone that were for her at work. This is what alerted me when mate said about all this

@artfoley - any legal knowledge on all this


That sounds extremely unlikely unless your friend was using an old email account that they didn’t set up themselves. Not impossible I’d imagine but beyond reasonably unlikely.


Kev I’m a bit confused by this (the he/she thing).

  • The employee gave the owner an iphone.
  • The owner has retained possession of the iphone and is still using it on a daily basis.

Is that right?


That seems to be it.

And the owner is wondering if the employee could have setup the phone in such a way that when the owner uses the email on it that the employee could see those emails now from somewhere else.


It seems unlikely in that instance. If it was the other way around (the owner gave a phone to a staff member) then it would be much more likely.

First thing I would get the owner to do is check is there an itunes/apple account attached to the phone. You can get weird shit going on with linked imessage accounts etc. I don’t have an iphone but I think it’s in Settings > General somewhere.


Criminal Justice act 2001 re theft and fraud has a few things this could come under were it shown that he/she had access to the phone and or emails…

obtaining services by deception
unlawful use of computer
suppression of documents

obviously all would hinge on tech lads opinion…

why not run a blue dye test akin to “allied”?


Yes correct


Ya that makes sense. It is only really likely other way around.



If Apple accounts linked (probably during set up) it could happen


@Mac is your missus?


If the email was setup on the phone originally, it would of course keep working.


Here lads, what’s this Alexia lark all about? Kids talking about looking for one for the Christmas.
Not expensive but just wondering if it’s worth the outlay


Alexa. You (kids) can connect it to various smart home stuff - speakers, lights, tv

I have one - handy to set a timer, play song, recipe etc

Kids will enjoy it and not expensive

There will be lads telling you it always Iistens but sure so does your phone.


Alexia tells you how and when to shove your thumb up your hole.