Question for the techies


and whose hole to shove it up.


If you don’t mind a multinational company listening to every conversation you have in your house then go for it.


You’ll get 20 mins of good craic out of Alexa failing to understand various rudimentary queries given in a mutant Kilkinny/Limerick accent, and years of Amazon recording every single thing that goes on in your house.


Definitely - great apps

Get @Copper_pipe to sort you out with tv on it

Only downside is you are being spied on


Just to confirm I’m not spying on anyone :grimacing:


Married 18 years chief. Well used to it


@TreatyStones @cluaindiuic @others

Surface Pro or iPad Pro? I’m looking for a work tablet. I’m drawn to the iPad Pro as I know I can just grab it and start working right away, however iOS is the drawback as I work on Windows day to day.

Does the Surface Pro have the same kind of instant boot? I’m sceptical as I already have an HP Elite tablet / laptop running Windows 10 and it takes a few minutes to boot.

This won’t be my main work device, just something portable I can carry around and get a few things done between meetings.



Surface laptop has a boot time of under 30 secs as does my work dell device


A surface pro with a docking station at the desk could very easily be your main device, killing two birds with one stone. They are a great job.


What about the boot time? I presume my current tablet takes a few minutes to boot because of the security features my employer puts on it. Would it be the same with a Surface Pro?

Boot time is the primary concern here.


I can’t say for definite that security software won’t affect the boot time, but any of the surface devices I have here have nearly instant boot.


Boot time is a random thing to be fixated on. I’ve never been anyway concerned by it with any device I’ve ever had.


When you’ve an overlord who demands immediate answers on the bag BT is carrying for him then it becomes very important.



If I’ve got a few minutes in a meeting that’s drifting along I don’t want to waste five of them waiting for something to boot up.


I’m surprised at you tinnion. I thought you’d be always on


Will bt ever make overlord?
That’s the question here.


It’s the SSD that makes the boot time short. Your bloated security won’t do much to add to it.

What version of Windows is your network on? The Surfaces can be a bit finicky connecting to older networks I think but at least they can - unlike the iPad Pro.


That doesn’t make much sense mate.


It hurt my head


If it’s a fairly new machine that shouldn’t be slow to boot I’d check the startup apps/services to see if there’s something you can turn off that might be slowing it down. There’s an awful lot of bullshit that ends up running away in the background if you don’t monitor it, particularly with those random apps you download for a particular task and never use again.