Question for the techies


my work Dell boots in under 30 secs and that’s with all the security features in place


iPad Pro, MacBook Pro

These devices say Pro.

Surface. Does not.

Cc @briantinnion


Surface Pro


Fair point.


but they scream wanker!


Buying a decent laptop for the missus. Is Dell still a decent buy ?


Ya, always the safest bet I find.


the XPS 13 is an incredible piece of kit


What’s your budget?


If you are spending a few quid make sure you get a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD).


They are the biznis so they are


usually as standard now mate


Only concern is you’ll sacrifice storage space for a SSD generally.


ah ya. If you’re running a big cunt of an application or multiple big cunts…

storage space can be mitigated by a good cloud backup plan


Not really.
A lot of mid-range laptops will still come with a 1TB hard drive as standard so they can proclaim to be able to store 10 million hours of music etc.


This one


That’s a belter of a laptop.


That’s a lot of spec. What are the main uses for it?


gonna ask the same thing


Should I add 4yr premium support for 130 quid . Serbs obvious as it includes accidental damage