Question for the techies


She’ll be playing Football Manager on maxed out settings


this one comes in a good bit cheaper and has a similar spec ( a little better if you include the 512 SSD and the 1TB Sata)


Normally I wouldn’t bother but if you are spending that much on it you probably should. What will she be using it for? 16GB of Ram, 6 core, i7 processor is serious grunt if it’s just for Netflix and Facebook.


Revit and rendering, fairly larger models.


Probably need the spec so.


there’s a better graphics card on the gaming one and it’s 500 snots cheaper.


Would a desktop be any use or does it have to be a laptop?


I’ve been recommended to spend the extra few hundred on the display.


Laptop for to be portable, get a screen for home use.


the display on the gaming laptop will be as good if not better than the xps 15. If she is using it for mainly rendering it will do the job.

The XPS 15 looks a lot prettier. Not 500 quid prettier, mind


She’ll only be covering it with stickers anyway


this is an absolute beast of a yoke

6GB of VRAM you could render the fuck out of anything


have a look at the outlet, youll get more bang for your buck, and you can cover the scratch with stickers!

also 12 percent off with code: DO12CYBER


You could download the INTERNET


Is it? One is fhd, one 8s 4k uhd?



just did a quick search on best laptops for revit autodesk and the acer I threw up seems to be recommended a lot.

It really is the droid you are looking for


Confused now, I’m averse to Acer from previous experience


they’ve come on an awful lot.

If you are willing to go the few bob extra just get the XPS 15. It’ll more than do the job.

I was trying to save a brother a few quid




have a look at the asus zen books too