Question for the techies


I’ve been hearing about this new Samsung chromebook a good bit recently. Very hard to buy in Europe apparently?


What’s peaked your interest in that? I see nothing worth having in it.

I’d spend the few bob more and get a decent laptop


If I get a laptop I’ll end up playing football again and that isn’t a place I want to be.


I sunk an awful lot of time into that cunt of a thing when I was at college.

Fair dues.


What would you recommend anyway?



A few posts up there a grand acer. Noble machine


This yoke?




I’d say if you are set on getting a chromebook you wont need to spend that much on something decent. You’re limited in what you can do anyway so no real need for the extra power.


Didn’t think I’d be asking for advice on here (no offence) but google hasn’t helped me with this one.

I need a TV that can display advertising, like in a shop, Credit Union, Bank or wherever. But I don’t know exactly how to go about this. I suppose you could load an add /video onto a USB stick and play it on an endless loop on the TV, but what TVs are capable of doing this? Is there a technical term to search?


Don’t know if a TV can do that. I’m sure somebody else might know but if you can’t get a TV to do it, you could use an old computer to run your looped video and connect the TV to it as the display.


Smart TV should be ok providing you dont have the video in a obscure format


Samsung seem to allow it


Have you looked at Chromebit?


even if they don’t allow you play from a USB you could copy them from the stick to the storage on the TV, provided they aren’t too big.

What format are they in @habanerocat - you’d need a media player with the right codec etc.


fucking deadly things.


Thanks but there must be an easier way.


Yeah Copper_pipe seems to know how to do it without going round the houses :slight_smile:


Thanks, but I was wondering about the loop play. I’ve never seen that option on a TV. I was wondering about the in-store (Demo) option I’ve seen on TVs, but I don’t have one with that option myself at the moment.


No video at the moment. Trying to source the right Tv and work around it.