Question for the techies


Can it do the job? Is it a bit of an overkill? Would it be robbed?


Make sure the Video is MP4 and you should be ok


Sorry for repeating myself, but what about the loop play on the TV?


Ok so, looks like I need a smart TV with “auto play” and “repeat play” functions from USB. Hard enough to find that in the specs though.

Thanks for the help.



Just watched that there a few mins ago, thanks…


You can buy specific Tv’s for the job. All the major brands do them. Search for "Tv’s signage "


Are you watching your TV – or is your TV watching you?



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Most android boxes/ media players deal with all formats,as long as they’re recentish,last 2 years.


My media player has gone belly up so I need a replacement. They don’t seem to be making that kind of player any more.

I want to stream movies from a central ethernet drive over my home network. My TV isn’t modern enough to do the job itself. Then display on the TV via HDMI. If it has netfix and the like then all the better. It also need to be able to select and display subtitles embedded in a movie.

There is a world of yokes out there. Anybody any ideas? @Copper_pipe to the rescue…


To answer my own question.

Bit pricey though at £179 online. €240 in PC World.
I wonder if it’s worth it and fool proof for the future?


Yes,have one for a year or so, without doubt the finest- no comparison


That’s cheap - instead of buying ould shite every year - it’s without doubt the best android box available


Bargain alerts Whole thread on Nvidia shield)


Give us a link.


2 minutes


nvidia Shield - Tips & tricks [Read post #1]


Go into bargain alerts- Nvidia shield tips and tricks


The video colour seems to be gone whilst streaming from some sites only. Any advise as to why this should happen?