Question for the techies


That’s your TV I’d say ,unless you try a reboot,never happened on my Nvidia shield


On the laptop. If I play a music video from this thread it comes up all off colour. If I go to YouTube, it plays fine. Bizarre.


Sorry bud thought you had an android box, download a free media player on the laptop,or better via p.c. try it there


Mi box is ok as an alternative to the Nvidia shield, much cheaper,but you’ll be changing it for something better down the road


Could anyone recommend an external dvd drive that would play DVDs/CDs. I don’t need anything that would burn or copy stuff, just regular playing.
There are a few different LG options, for example, on Adverts, but I’m not too sure as to what I should be looking for in the fine tech details…




If you have a laptop you can play DVD on it through the tv


An external DVD drive for what?
To play DVDs on what?



To play DVDs on a laptop. I don’t have a DVD drive


No drive on laptop


What usb ports are on the laptop?


Ports & Slots

  1. SD card reader | 2. USB 2.0 | USB 3.0 with Powershare | 3. VGA | 4. Kensington lock | 5. AC power | 6. Ethernet | 7. HDMI | 8. USB 3.0 | USB 3.0 | 9. Combo jack (headset/mic)


You should be grand with the vast majority of external drives then bud. Fill your boots. I’d go for the cheapest one I could possibly get


Looking for an ultrabook in the 900 to 1000 range. I was thinking about the below. Battery life isn’t really an issue to me as it will mainly be used at home. Have TFK’s resident experts provide any other options in this price range?


What will they think of next?

I’d go for something a bit bulkier myself.

Rather than having a big and bulky budget laptop or [Chromebook] you’ll whip out a thinner, lighter and faster machine, packed with the best processors and [SSDs] you can get in a laptop.


As of this morning my iPhone won’t go to tfk. My iPad will, so it’s probably some setting on the iPhone. It gives me a message that the server can’t be found. Any ideas? Cc @Rocko @Copper_pipe @TreatyStones


Forget that. It’s working now.


Glad to help


Happens to me sometimes.

I usually load google then go to TFK after google loads.