Question for the techies


Yeah we still have some issues with the software that I’m trying to solve one by one. Sorting out the server was a big step but those problems are likely on TFK’s end for now.


what forum software are you running? is it free or do you get support on it?


Discourse. It’s free.

The bugs are highly likely caused by:

  • some crappy customised stuff that I’ll rollback
  • the fact that the database was imported from other software (and other software before that)

They’re fixable but I need to tidy up some stuff first.

To that end, expect a (slightly) different look and feel soon.


you can nearly timeline it when an old thread is bumped, you can see that some of the new functionality doesn’t work where the metadata changed.


That was certainly the case with the 502 errors and there was a software bug relating to that. But do you notice older threads contributing to poor performance generally?


I can’t say that I do. Sometimes a reply can be slower to post to the thread but I haven’t given any consideration to the type of threads it happens on. I’ll keep an eye on it and report if there is correlation.


I’ll take this.
Wash hands.
Turn it off and turn it on again.


That’s where I was going wrong. I had my thumb up my hole.


I’ll edit my post.


The Wexford look isn’t bad.


Fill me in on Plex somebody please.

I’m falling behind the times.


Never heard of it.


Are you looking to run off your own server or piggy back off someone else’s for a fee?


My own server. I tagged you in a post above that explains it a bit. Have a read.

I was looking at the shield, which supports plex with limitations. So then I started looking at a NAS with a HDMI or maybe just a plain NAS with the shield. It’s all getting a bit complicated and expensive.

Money of course could buy me out of this but you know me…


I use Plex a lot. Think it’s excellent. What’s your difficulty with it?


I’ve never used it. I know nothing about it. My question is mostly in relation to the hardware needed to use it properly.


To store the media or to playback?

I just use it to play media on my tv or tablet directly from various desktops/laptops.


Both. My media player went belly up. So now I have 4TB of movies backed up with no way to play them. So basically I’m looking at my options and stumbled upon Plex.


Go to boards pages and pages there ref Plex,emby,etc etc


Ah lovely, Emby, another thing I never heard of before.