Question for the techies


All mixed in including exact instructions in the " Nvidia shield tips and tricks" thread


How do I get rid of this view without sticking my thumb up my hole?




At least we know they are looking after you in your new job @KinvarasPassion



Outstanding. None of that spreadable shite either.


Any TFK recommendations on wireless noise cancelling headphones?

I’m getting fairly annoyed with carrying around the 3.5mm to lightning dongle for my phone.


While not noise-cancelling, have you tried Airpods? They’re very good for what they are.


I’d be afraid id lose them. Might get a clone version off AliExpress and see how I get on with them before I commit to the real deal. I’m aware I may not treat the 15 euro clones with the same care and affection as the real versions :slight_smile: They’re supposed to be decent though I hear. The real ones that is


Decent ones v expensive

#1230 have a thread ref same( bargain alerts)


What do you need all this tech shit for anyway old man?


Even old men must keep up with the times. You snooze, you loose.
Looks like the Nvidia Shield is the way to go with a separate NAS.
Just need to come up with the money now.


These might be worth a shot at a decent price:


Bought these a few weeks ago, bro and I think they’re very good but I’ve nothing to compare them with. Supposedly as good as you’ll get for that price or so the salesperson told me and he would have no reason to lie.


Sale on ATM details in boards ( 170 dollars)


Here @Copper_pipe, is there anything I can buy to boost internet/wifi connection. My iptv has an annoying habit of freezing about 2/3 times a day.
Its only for about 30 seconds but it can annoy the shit out of me watching a match etc. as it will always go at the right wrong time


Where is the tv in relation to the router? Your best bet is to run an ethernet cable


This is going to have to be in very simple English for me to understand.

That yoke with the green light is some kind of booster. I have one on the mag box and another on the router/modum


Whats your broadband speed, how old is your router and where is it located in the house.

The booster can only extend what it is receiving. If its receiving a weak signal anyway its fuck all use


I don’t think you should be having issues. Similar set up to myself.

Line of sight to the router would help a bit but thats decent signal you have there