Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Lashes has progressed to the point where I could categorise it as “my drink”.

Nice one. Have you finished up with the job yet, now that you’re getting stuck in on a Sunday night?


That plate? Churchill , made in Staffordshire, England. So yeah, its probably shit alright.


Yep, finished Friday. I dropped Mrs Fitzy and the young heir off at the airport today for their week long holiday in Singapore. I have a week on my own with the superdog at home then start the new job. A whole week o n my own, I’m going to get so much done and so much drink imbibed.

Is Fitzy fucked?
Is Fitzy fucked?

You lucky bastard.


A bit of chorizo on top and that would be savage.


You jammy fucker


Funnily enougj I had a Chorizo panini at the airport earlier.
I’ll try to contribute a few more to the thread over the week. I think the five colour chard will feature a lot, its my favorite vegetable that I grow, easy to grow and you can do so much with it.


The veg :heart_eyes:
I’d eat a giant bowl of that for dinner with a bit of salt, looks phenomenal


Mate its unbelievable. I took out the broad bean plants today, but plenty harvested. Loads of baby carrots left to go and there is alwys chard available. About 2 montjs off harvesting the garlic, but we can pick any now if we need it. Its the best thing being able to just walk out the back yard and pick half your dinner.


Throw up a few pictures of the garden, mate.


That looks like a lovely feed Fitzy


I will tomorrow mate if I dont have the shakes too much, its quite possible i’ll.be logging into the fear thread tomorrow


The garden must be 15 acres in size.




Why in the sweet fuck would anyone go on holiday to Singapore for a week? Tell her to go to Bangkok for a few days ffs.


the night safari
high tea in raffles
a boat trip round the quay


And what will she do for the other 6 and a half days?

Hope Fitzy didn’t let her off with the credit card.


its where he bought her, he’s allowed her back to visit her family for the first time, a very special moment


Strange that @The_Selfish_Giant didn’t recommend the slave market


you truly are a racist pig