Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


Fierce watery looking gravy there.


Here they are, very tasty. The meat was shit though.




I’m home alone today so I fucked 3 pork chops into the pan along with yesterday’s boiled & roast spuds. I dressed them up with the zest of a turnip and the freshly squeezed turnip juice.


Cheeky bollocks having a go at my lovely piece of medium cooked lamb and then putting that up.
I like my gravy to be liquid @caulifloweredneanderthal,
I just arrived home from work ravenous and stuck a leftover portion of that dinner in the microwave, I was after eating three hobnobs with a glass of milk before I decided that I couldn’t wait for the dinner


Did you put the lamb back in the microwave mate? There was a bit of a rank smell on the SCR this evening. Wasn’t sure what it was


That’s the nuts from Roches mate, powerful today, I thought a bogger like yourself would have known that.


Nah man. It wasn’t that waft. Smelt like reheated meat


It was probably my lovely piece of rump so.


No wonder house prices are so low on the SCR, a cattle feed factory and the sewage plant on ye’re doorstep :smile:


Would the hobnobs be safe in the staff room?


That’s a strange question. What could happen to hobnobs in a staffroom?


Some of the other staff might be a bit light fingered.


It’s only a packet of hobnobs mate, if I worked in a school and left biscuits in a staffroom I’d expect them to be eaten,
I’d say teachers work hard and deserve a sweet treat with their mug of scald every now and then.


nothing worse than the smell of reheated mutton


Yep. I wouldn’t fancy it myself


Sitting there with a plate of re heated mutton and the waft off roches feeds on the dock road blowing in the window on top of you is worse.


Cool story bro’


And they trying to persuade Baron Diddlesbury to move there. You literally could not make it up.


It fucking stinks too, I couldn’t put up with it tbh.