Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


:rofl: Gas fucker


Image result for medium cooked lamb

Medium cooked lamb.


What a photo to wake up to. Perfection :clap:


The internet is wonderful mate, you can get pictures of anything


How dare you, the tinfoil is my trademark.


It’s a lovely piece of meat whoever cooked it mate.
I was only ballhopping about my piece, it was obviously past medium but it still had a bit of pink, there’s a couple of people in my gaff wouldn’t fancy it too pink, I try to keep everybody happy


Stir fry and veg…


Cheesy cottage pie, perfect for a chilly evening


You’re a lovely man. I know by the way you go on here.


A child couldn’t ask for a better parent.


Ah yeah. Remember when he arrived here, all PC and snowflakey and polite. The lads knocked him into shape fairly lively.


I’d be worried about his rampant drug use though and getting off his head on the streets of Dublin. He can’t be at that crack.



What’s this now?


His boasting about being off his head on drugs for an entire weekend only a number of months ago in Dublin. A real big man he was and all about it.


How did I miss that. And all the self righteousness of the cunt.


I had a cod and chips there from Beshoffs in Howth. I’ll say this much, it was perfect. It didn’t stay in the box long enough for me to get a photo of it.


Did you have peas or a slice of lemon or a bit of tartare with it?

You’re after making me awful hungry


Bit of tartare.


Late home from training and was ravenous so I rustled up the @bandage special. 3 potatoe waffles with half a tin of beans.


It’s delish