Ravenous Part Deux, the cheap likes thread


So you are training for the game with the mushes then?


No, it was badminton training. I’ve taken it up instead of football.


I cant decide who to back now


Nobody is going to look at your food as long as you insist on serving it up on that fucking plate.


It’s still a bowl Mattie. Wedgewood afaik…


It’s that time of the week in the Zoo lads. Feeding time as the man says.


A little tradition of mine of a Friday evening





2 daycent looking plates of wedges there, lads.


They were :ok_hand:t3:


This can’t be beat, I’ve done this a few times lately


Would you ever check your cholesterol?


I had it checked last year, pretty good but very slightly on the wrong side, I only cook that shite at the weekend, my wife cooks healthy.
How about yourself?




Is that good? You’d be fond of a fry up and chippers.


5.2 is ok. I like a fish and chip occasionally and I might have a fry once a fortnight, but I’d be careful enough about what I eat.


Good man, you’d have to be careful, there’s fellas here posting single meals with a weeks worth of bad fats twice a day, it’s a wonder they’re still breathing at all.



Sure that’s only a mini breakfast, nice though.
I had the weetabix at half six and I’m just having a small snack now, this ham is unbelievable.